<h1>We Answer Your Admission Related Queries</h1>

We Answer Your Admission Related Queries

1. Do we required to tour the school prior to applying?

Yes, all prospective families are required to tour the school prior to applying for admission. You may either schedule a tour now or call us at 1-281-212-3552

2. At what period of the year does enrollment occur?

Our programs enroll year-round as space becomes available. We normally follow Lamar ISD for our academic calendar.  Our summer camps starts in June and ends in August.

3. Is parent interview really mandatory?

Our goal is to admit families who we believe will be a great fit for Montessori methodology. Parent interviews allow us to learn much more about you, your family and your child. It also allows you to learn more about our school environment and caregivers.

4. Can we request a specific teacher for our child?

We will take request into consideration; however, enrollments are based on a balance of available spaces for each age and program level. The class you want may simply not have the available space. We also take into consideration your child’s temperament as well as their developmental and academic needs to place him or her with the teacher who will be the best fit to help them grow and progress.

5. What is AMI?

Dr. Maria Montessori founded Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in 1929 to protect the integrity of her work. AMI has remained the worldwide authority on Montessori education and practice. AMI accreditation indicates that our school performs according to the highest standards of the Montessori philosophy, receives regular consultations from trained and qualified AMI consultants and is staffed by qualified AMI teachers and administrators.

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