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Infant Care (6 weeks to 18 months)

We categorize our infant curriculum and classes into young infant care (6 weeks to 12 months) and older infant care (12 months to 18 months). By delineating at these ages, we can focus on helping your infant mature at an appropriate developmental rate. Our young infant courses focus on building muscle strength and gross motor skills; developmental activities hone sensory perception, as well. Each child spends time interacting with mobiles and other stimulating sensory materials in a nurturing and loving atmosphere.

Our older infant curriculum continues to build on motor skills, cognitive brain development and speaking skills. Memory, language and thinking are reinforced through basic word development (words like “ma ma” and “da da” are common), and we encourage them to transition from sitting and crawling to standing. We also offer infant yoga and sign language. The little ones love the yoga practice, which strengthens their core muscles and further establishes balance, flexibility and coordination, and the ASL-based sign language helps them develop bigger vocabularies and enhanced cognitive abilities.

Now enrolling families from Bella Terra, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Westheimer Lakes and Cross Creek Ranch communities. Call us today at (281) 212-3552 to learn more about enrollment!

Key Area of Focus


Fine Motor Skill Development

Fine Motor skills development is very basic and important skill for every young child. Fine Motor Skills are the coordinated muscle movements that infants make using their hands. It is essential for Child to perform everyday skills like self care tasks such as clothing fastenings, opening lunch boxes, cleaning teeth, using cutleries and academic skills such as pencil skills of drawing, writing and coloring, as well as cutting and pasting.

Our caregiver ensure that they offer children, a great play opportunities to help them develop their fine motor skills. We often use fun fine motor activities that will give your child a sense of achievement and eventually helping them to develop essential skills.


Gross Motor Skill Development

Gross motor skills allow children to control their body movements that require the use of large muscles in the legs, arms, etc. Gross motor activities include walking, running, skipping, jumping, throwing, climbing and many others. Acquiring Gross motor skills plays a vital role in your children’s development. Mastering both fine and gross motor skills are important for children’s growth and independence.

language-skill development

Language Skill development

Early language and communication skills are crucial for children success in school and beyond. Infant’s language development is strongly influenced by they hear spoken around them and to them. The more frequent they are exposed to language, the more opportunities they will have to develop their communication skills. Our caregivers make sure your child is presented with the recommended best practices to achieve his or her language development milestones.

Social Skill Development

Social Skill Development

Starting from birth, infants are learning who they are by how they are treated. Our caregivers consults with parents to understand child’s likes and dislikes, what upsets them, etc. Social skill development includes self-control and making friends, help children succeed in both school and life.

Our caregivers help your child how to form friendships, communicate emotions, and to deal with challenges. Also help children develop trust, empathy, compassion, and a sense of right and wrong.

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