Richmond’s Signature Montessori School

Richmond’s Signature Montessori School

Why Montessori?

At BellaVision Montessori School in Richmond, TX, we believe the Montessori education system embodies this ideal “I can do it all by myself!” A Montessori education incorporates patience, independence and discovery, all at the same time. It is about a range of activities: learning to plant a flower or vegetable in a garden; listening to the wind blow; baking bread and remembering that good smell; learning how to write your name; holding a paintbrush to create a masterpiece; and making a best friend. It is believing in your child and being in awe of the amazing things they are capable of.

The Freedom to Learn at Their Own Pace

The Montessori method gives children the freedom to learn at their own pace. Our learning materials are beautiful and simple, and help to engage the children in meaningful ways. Children adopt a strong sense of self-esteem and pride as they take on responsibilities in the classroom and in our outside environments. By engaging them in these activities, the Montessori system is effective in helping to dissipate separation anxiety and make a healthy transition from home to school. The children learn to care for each other and the world around them. In every aspect of their day, they learn valuable life lessons and gain independence.

Helping Them Transition from Home-Life to School-Life

Preparing your children for their primary academic years is important. All too often, young children feel separation anxiety when Mom or Dad have to say goodbye at the start of the day. Our nonthreatening and compassionate instructors foster a classroom environment that will turn your child’s anxiety into curiosity and joy as they discover and play with puzzles, participate in high-quality manipulatives and have positive social interactions with others their age. We build on these skills by offering nature-based discovery times and group activities that model cooperation, respect and compassion.

Positive Role Modeling and Conflict Resolution

All of our instructors are fully certified in the Montessori method and have years of experience supervising children of all ages. When conflicts arise in the classroom, we offer positive and constructive communication strategies to the children that stop the finger-pointing and increase understanding and respectful dialogue. We strive to honor each child’s unique identity and foster an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect. We can work with your children’s needs and help them increase their compassion and independence. Feel free to schedule a school visit or call us for more information!

Educators Who Honor the Spirit of Your Child

Our staff of Montessori-licensed instructors has years of experience and takes special care to honor each child’s unique learning style. Our teachers are facilitators and guides who can adjust the curriculum to fit your child’s needs and help him or her make positive choices during activities. We take pride in our ability to model appropriate language, behavior and sympathetic responses for the children, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today for more information!

We offer premier education programs for Fulshear, Katy, Bella Terra, Cinco Ranch, Westheimer Lakes and Cross Creek Ranch communities.

Empowering Children between 6 weeks – 6 years of age. Give your child the best start possible. Call (281) 212-3552 today!

Montessori and Traditional Education

Watch this video by Trevor Eissler. It is an excellent representation of the difference between a Montessori school and other methods, both traditional and non-traditional.

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